Parade of Basset Hounds Information

Appearing at these times

Sat, 12:30, 13:00, Countryside Arena
Sat, 15:15, 15:45, Countryside Arena


Originally the Basset Hound came from France. He appears to have origins that date back to the sixteenth century and in the British Isles there have been hunting packs from about 1872, seven of which remain hunting today. In 2006 the Albany merged with the West Lodge Bassets and Hertfordshire is now their main base. The Basset Hound has been used to hunt hare in what is commonly referred to as ‘Beagling’. The hounds are followed on foot by both the hunt staff and supporters. With the advent of new legislation the Albany is about to move in to yet another new era. Having the intention of hunting hare as our quarry is now illegal but we will continue to work our pack of hounds as scent hounds.
Parade of Basset Hounds