Food Hall

Our Food Hall is always a success, filled with everything from Olives and Cheese, to Wine and Chocolate. In the past we've enjoyed authentic German salami, specialty pies and pastries, chocolate covered strawberries, waffles and marshmallows, fresh seafood, fresh fruit salads and smoothies, premium flavoured spirits, locally brewed ale and so much more! You could spend hours in this marquee alone, sampling whats on offer and stocking up on treats for at home!

Countryside Area

The Countryside Area is a hub of shopping and entertainment. The trade stands surround the arena, giving Traders opportunity to enjoy some show highlights, as well as shoppers a great chance to browse specialty rural and country goods, or to speak to charities actively promoting the preservation of our countryside and it's animals.

Sites in this area surround the Countryside Arena where rural and country lifestyle activities are demonstrated; entertainment includes Eagles and Vultures, Suffolk Punch horses, Sheep Show, Beagles and much more! You will also be able to see traditional crafts, both on display and being done right there in front of you. Our specialists include Thatching, Spinning, Weaving and Dying and a Clydesdale and Potato Sprayer.


Horseworld, found overlooking the Tarmac Show Jumping Ring and down from the Horse Showing Rings is where you need to come for all things equine related. You will find everything from saddlery to jodhpurs to leather goods to horse charities. If you've turned up to compete and left your boots at home, i'm sure one of these traders will be able to find a perfect fit!

It's a brilliant area to see some world famous competitors, including UK Olympic Show Jumpers, as well as some beautiful local horses as they prepare to go into the ring. The atmosphere in this part of the showground is electric and even if you're not a 'horse person' it's well worth having a walk round the rings and pausing to catch these beautiful animals at their best.

Village Market Place

Accessible from both Second and Third Avenue, this large marquee is a fabulous shopping stop for the whole family. Traders come from up and down the country to display their goods - everything from everyday products to artisan crafts. Previous stalls have included educational toys, hair and beauty products, candles, jewelry, award-winning photography, baby toys and clothes, personalized gifts and hand carved wood products. There will be something for everyone in this marquee, no matter the budget!

Hertfordshire Farmyard

The Hertfordshire Farmyard is a show highlight and a fabulous demonstration of what the Hertfordshire Agricultural Society aims to promote. This is where you will find all the traders related to local produce. A previous show highlight has been the ice-cream stand, featuring two dairy calves that created the milk for the ice-cream!

This is the place to come to ask questions from those who know, including The Young Farmers Society and The Farming Community Network. In the past kids have been able to learn about how their food gets from the ground to the supermarket, see how rapeseed oil and flour are made and get up close with a combine harvester. You can speak to bee keepers, watch pigs racing and have a cuddle with a sheep. If you want to know more about your local farming community, this is where you need to be!

Made in Hertfordshire

The Made In Hertfordshire Marquee, located off Third Avenue, is a really special shopping experience. The Hertfordshire Agricultural Society is proud to give local crafters and producers the opportunity to trade with, and interact with, the public. Hertfordshire is a hub for the passionate and the creative and this marquee really brings that to light.

Previous stalls have included leather goods, candles, lampshades, soaps and personal care, pens, toys, art and photography, clothes and accessories, home decor and furniture, chocolates, cakes, jams, sweets and fudge, beer and wine and the list could go on! If you want to support your local community and small businesses, then this marquee is definitely worth a browse.

Gardening Area

Located in front of the Horticultural Marquee, the Gardening Area is for all those outdoor products that just won't go inside a marquee! The Gardening Area is where you will find plants, trees and seeds, gnomes and statues, hanging baskets, grass care, ponds, fences, furniture and a whole variety of products you didn't even know your garden needed!

Don't forget to stop and smell the roses in The Horticultural Marquee as well. Each year our stewards, local florists and gardeners put together beautiful displays based around different themes. In the past they've created some real masterpieces and they're a great bunch to quiz if you're looking for some more flower knowledge.

The Drives and Avenues

Up and down the showground Drive's and Avenues are even more fabulous shopping and experiential opportunities. It's out in the open sites that you will find the Goat Society, The Poultry Marquee, charities, cars, horseboxes, hot tubs, furniture and decor, fire pits, fruit and veg suppliers, park homes, home improvements, renewable resources, windows, security, kitchenware, woodwork, pets accessories and everything else you could possibly think of! The Hertfordshire County Show likes to supply something for everyone, so leave no stone un-turned while you wonder round the showground.