About Us

The Hertfordshire Agricultural Society dates all the way back to 1801, set up with the aim of promoting farming and agriculture and all associated skills, crafts, trades and professions. The Hertfordshire County Show is one of the key ways they achieve this, and the show can trace its origins back to a ploughing match on the grounds of Hatfield House in 1879.

The show has now been officially running for 130 years! Since 1962 itís been held on the societies 70 acres of land just off the M1, making it accessible for most the county. The Society also contributes to a range of countryside and farming educational programs, now reaching over 3000 primary school students.

The show is now the biggest event in Hertfordshire, anticipating over 35,000 guests on the 28th and 29th May 2016. It is a fantastic way to see all the traditional skills that keep our countryside beautiful, as well as a way to interact with and support local traders. The show is now much, much more than a ploughing match!

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1956 Hertfordshire County Show