Bolddog 'Lings' Freestyle Team Information

Bolddog 'Lings' Freestyle Team

Appearing at these times

Sat, 13:55, 14:25, Jubilee Arena
Sat, 16:55, 17:25, Jubilee Arena


Managed by Dan Whitby, the first person to flip a four stroke motorcycle in Europe, the Bolddog Lings Freestyle Team are one of the most sought after acts in the country. Dan and the rest of the team are regularly asked to preform ‘special skill stunts’, featuring in films like Captain America, with the ‘Top Gear’ team in Poland, and even appearing in a music video with Kylie Minogue!

The show includes the latest in extreme sports action and boasts the most sophisticated FMX landing ramp in the world. The show includes a freestyle motocross competition, with technically demanding, mid-air tricks such as; ‘the superman seat grab’, ‘heel clicker’, ‘nac-nac’, ‘switchblade’, ‘lazy boy’, ‘double can-can’ and many, many more. They will jump over cars, 75ft gaps and each other, still managing to get basketballs into hoops!

This show is will have you on the edge of your seat, so make sure to get down to the Jubilee Arena Grandstands for the perfect view. When the performance is over, please feel free to visit the guys at their stand, they’re more than happy to answer your questions and you can pick up some great Bolddog merchandise.
Bolddog 'Lings' Freestyle Team